About the Product

Special Purpose Machines (SPM) are those Machine which are made as per requirement it is not Available Off the Shelf. SPM are not included under Standard Manufacturing Process. This kind of machines are manufactured to deal with unique and difficult challenges. It is also known as Bespoke Machines. As time is progressing and increasing labor issues have been forcing major manufacturers to switch to SPM machines. This kind of machines are mostly automatic with many robotic features. Need of SPM arises when High Productivity, High Accuracy is required in production process. Small Human errors makes big loss of revenue & time in large manufacturing setup, many times the errors are repeated as in these kind of manufacturing setup repeated processes are included.

Adopting SPM means full automation of process of the industrial process, wherever possible. The use of Special Purpose Machines (SPM) And Automation Minimizes Possibility of Human Errors and also Reduces Human Fatigue in Carrying out Repetitive Operations again And again. It also Assures the Quality and Interchangeability of Parts, by Carrying out the Same Designed Process each time without any Shortcuts. The Special Purpose Machines (SPM) And Automatic Machines are Designed to Operate Continuously for 24 hours a day, with Minimum Supervision. The Special Purpose Machines are Generally Product Specific & they are Required to be Designed & Developed for each Specific Requirement. Sometimes it May be Possible to Cater to the Jobs having Similar Features but Differing in Dimensions by Using Change Tooling Concept.

These Special Purpose Machines (SPM) are either Cam Operated Machine or they use Hydraulics & Pneumatic as Actuating Elements or Combination of all the three of them. Many times a Dedicated Programmable Logic Controller is used in Conjunction with Positional Sensors & i Transducers, to give Commands to the Actuating Elements some Times Different Special Motors like Stepper Motor & Servo Motors are used as Actuating Element. The Productivity Achieved after all these Efforts is very high. Productivity of 3 to 10 times are Achievable. However to Fetch the Fruits of these Highly Specialized Machines the Precondition is that the Input to the Automatic Machine must have Strict Quality Control.


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Established in the year of 2011, We "Spectratech" are a reliable organization of this field actively engaged in manufacturing and supplying a broad assortment of Material Handling & Assembly Equipment.